Instagram has become one of the most popular social media apps that we all use. Almost all of us like to browse through our phones especially social media as it has become a favorable and important part of our life. With so many influencers, bloggers, and our favorite artists on Instagram. If you also have a lot of time of your day spent on Instagram, then you probably have a lot of videos that you love and wish to watch again and again. It is super simple and easy to save a video from Instagram or download it so that you can watch it later.

Yes, Instagram does not directly allow you to download videos, however, there is another way by which we can download our favorite videos on Instagram and even share them once we have downloaded and also these videos, once you have them you can upload them from your account as well. with that said, here is a super simple way by which you can download videos and keep them in your computer and mobile phones to be viewed or shared with later on. Follow the steps:

How to Download Instagram Videos

Download instagram stories


  1. Visit the Instagram website, or click on on your computer or mobile phone. Browse through the Instagram website on your phone or computer and then select the video that you like and play it on your phone.
  1. Next what you have to id copy the link of the video that you liked on Instagram and then keep it with yourself. This link will be useful while downloading the video on your mobile and computer from Instagram.
  1. Now Go to This is the website that will help you in downloading the video. All you have to do is click on the input filed in the website along with download tab.
  1. In the input field, you have to paste the link that you copied and click on the download button on the website. This will take a few seconds and then a new dialog box will appear.
  1. In the new dialog box which will appear, you will find that the link of the video which you copied has become a thumbnail and the video is in the background. You will see that there is a download button below the same thumbnail as well.
  1. This shows that the Instagram video link has now been converted into a downloadable video link which you can now use to download Instagram videos for yourself and save them on your computer and mobile phones.

This is one of the simplest and also one of the easiest ways to download Instagram videos which you like or wish to watch again sometime, on your computer and mobile phone. This takes only a few minutes and your video is downloaded on your PC or your mobile phone with ease. Go share this way with your friends and help them in downloading Instagram videos as well.

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