DND Airtel Number: Airtel Do Not Disturb Activate

Are you also annoyed Just like me??

I know you are gettings lots of phone calls and disturb your privacy from these so-called telecom companies. Actually, they are making money while you are listening to those lame Advertisement from Insurance, Offers, Plans, Credit Card etc. You can use Do Not Disturb features to avoid those calls.

Your Numbers are selling to most of the Advertisement companies after that they start calling you for numerous things.

I was also Victim of this kind of Shit. However, I have become smarter and used Airtel DND Number (Do Not Disturb).

How to Activate Airtel DND Service (Do Not Disturb) By SMS


SMS START<space>0 to 1909

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How to Activate Airtel DND Service (Do Not Disturb) By Call

You can Call in 1909

It is very simple and easy than you thought.

How to Activate Airtel DND Service (Do Not Disturb) by Fields

Just like if you are working in some fields and wants to know about their offers then you can also Activate dnd in different fields sectors and deactivate dnd in others.

Airtel DND SectorsActivate DND Code
To block Banking, Insurance, Financial Products and Credit Cards related Calls and SMSSMS START 1 to 1909
To block Real Estate related Calls and SMSSMS START 2 to 1909
To block Educational related Calls and SMSSMS START 3 to 1909
To block Health-related Calls and SMSSMS START 4 to 1909
To block Consumer Goods and Automobiles related Calls and SMSSMS START 5 to 1909
To block Communication, IT, Entertainment, Broadcasting related Calls and SMSSMS START 6 to 1909
To block Tourism related Calls and SMSSMS START 7 to 1909

What is Airtel DND (Do Not Disturb)?

I am here to Solve your most basic query. DND Do Not Disturb is regulated by TRAI to ensure that everyone gets right to activate DND and get rid of those lame advertisements.

By the Way, you can also Activate DND and Easily able to live your life. Without any phone calls disturbs you again.

I am sure now you are already get rid of those calls. If you have any queries then you can comment below.

Have a Nice Day! 🙂

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